Paper Design


LED Lights

    flashing LED lights created by KIAUNA.NET

Revamped Twine Game

I remade my practice Twine game with new visuals. Morning Story For anyone interested in all of the illustrations, I’ve included them on a separate webpage. Cut to Visuals

Texturize Your Photos In Only 5 Steps

Step 1: Get a photo. Ex: a photo of the beautiful Charlie Prince. Step 2. Get a texture, you can find one online. Ex: this sandy wrinkled paper texture. Step 3. Place the texture, in another layer, over your image. … Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Style Photos In Photoshop

5 shades of this rose10

1. Photo with Gradient (Neutral Density) 2. Photo with Brightness/Contrast (Contrast 75) 3. Photo with Levels  (Removed R from RGB) 4. Photo with Exposure (Offset down: Exposure high) 5. Photo with Saturation (low) 6. Photo with Posterize 7. Photo with Midtones (Blue) … Continue Reading →

Visual Notes

Photoshop Phriday

Merging famous images Three images for Photoshop Phriday! AKA It’s probably a good idea to take photoshop away from me. Absinthe Drinkers in the Night Cafe  The setting is the Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh is a place where … Continue Reading →

Learn to Make GIFs with Photoshop in Only 5 Steps

Fallout 3 Gif

I’m using CS5 but the steps are relatively the same in the newer versions of Photoshop. Before I get started, here is the link to the video i’ll be using for the tutorial. I’m only making a GIF of the first bit, with the … Continue Reading →

Practicing with Twine

About the New Aesthetic and Conceptual Art

The art world has embraced digital art and technology as a resource for creativity.  For example, film photography is almost obsolete. Why work in a dark room painstakingly dodging and burning to get the right shade of white, when you … Continue Reading →

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