Learn to Make GIFs with Photoshop in Only 5 Steps

Fallout 3 Gif

I’m using CS5 but the steps are relatively the same in the newer versions of Photoshop. Before I get started, here is the link to the video i’ll be using for the tutorial. I’m only making a GIF of the first bit, with the flickering light.




Import your video by going to FILE  > VIDEO FRAMES TO LAYERS

Step1 (2)

There will be a window like the one below, and depending on your Photoshop, there are instruction in small print on how to cut the video down to size. In CS5 for example, you click SELECTED RANGE ONLY and it tells you to hold down the SHIFT key while you select the part of the video you want for your GIF.




Photoshop doesn’t like you to make GIFS with more than 20 frames, it leads to poor picture quality. So if you have unnecessary frames, go ahead and delete those. You can change the duration of of a frames later, so you don’t want any repeated frames either.

Select your frames and hit the trashcan icon.




Open the Animation dock by clicking WINDOWS > ANIMATION

Step2 (2)

Transfer your carefully selected layers to the animation dock, by clicking the top right drop down arrow and click MAKE FRAMES FROM LAYERS.


Now you can change the duration of each frame by clicking those down arrows and changing the number of seconds, until your GIF is running how you like.

Step3 (2)


Step 4:  Style

If you want to color the GIF or design it, find the black and white circle tool under your layers circle to make an adjustment layer. There will be a list, I picked PHOTO FILTER to give my GIF an orange hue. Play around with it, you can also make your stuff simply black and white, brighter etc. Make sure you click this eye icon, located above your layers  eye to apply your adjustment layer to all layers.


I think it’s good to work with bigger images when you’re designing the GIFS but before you save you can go to IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE to change the size of the GIF.

Step4 (2)



With your GIF layered and designed, you can save it by going to FILE > SAVE FOR WEB AND DEVICES

Step5 (2) Step5

Make sure you save it as a GIF and test it to make sure it’s okay. You can also change the color RGB settings and other things in this window. Just play around with the settings until you find what works for you.

Fallout 3 Gif



2 Responses to “Learn to Make GIFs with Photoshop in Only 5 Steps”

  1. Ben Harris says:

    Interesting that Photoshop won’t let you use more than 20 frames. That seems kind of weird. Do you have any idea why that would be? Is it technical or intentional?

  2. admin says:

    I’m not an expert, but I don’t think it’s photoshop’s intention. It’s inherently the GIF size, which is supposed to be small. Because you can make beautiful GIFs in the animation dock, that have hundreds of frames, but after you save the GIF is shit, because photoshop has to push all that content into a small file and most of the information is lost. Maybe? Yes? Haha, so for the tutorial I made, I used the standard 20 so the GIFs are pretty much guaranteed to look nice.

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