Texturize Your Photos In Only 5 Steps

Step 1: Get a photo.

Ex: a photo of the beautiful Charlie Prince.

Get beautiful photo

Step 2. Get a texture, you can find one online.

Ex: this sandy wrinkled paper texture.

your texture

Step 3. Place the texture, in another layer, over your image.


Step 4: under the layer properties of the texture, choose SOFT LIGHT.

place it on top of the other soft light

Step 5: Adjust the opacity or the layers to your liking, and then save!

Or add more layers, because sometimes one isn’t enough.

texture kindasucks but you get it

Here is my final product for now.

Charlie Princeagain

I’m just going to leave this here also…


to learn how to make GIFs in 5 steps check out here.

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